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Turn your organic waste into compost with our proven in-vessel composting technology. Our "Bedding Composter" can either produce safe and cheap bedding material for your cows in 24 hours or make organic fertilizer within only days!

You can use our Bedding Composter with a variety of organic wastes:
- Manure (dairy/poultry/pig)
- Food waste
- Organic municipality waste
- Organic processing waste

Free Bedding From Manure!
Stop paying money for bedding- save from your bedding costs AND put your farm waste into  use! Our Bedding Composter produces safe and environmentally-friendly bedding material from manure by means of aerobic fermentation. This is the most efficient composting technology available today. Using bedding from manure can increase your milk yield by 10%.

Compost From Your Organic Waste!
Our Bedding Composter produces excellent quality compost from your organic waste, while offering significant advantages over traditional composting methods:

- Very short composting period
- No need for large composting area
- Repeatable and uniform compost quality every day
- Automated system with almost no attendance required
- Minimal power requirement and operational cost

Composting is a "WIN-WIN-WIN":

- Farmer WINS!
- Environment WINS!
- Agriculture WINS!
- Public Health WINS!


In-vessel Composter is a state-of-the-art composting drum that speeds up the aerobic fermentation (composting) process significantly. It does so by creating the ideal environment for the aerobic bacteria within the organic waste to populate and mineralize the organic compound. All we do is help the bacteria do their work - only FASTER!

The BC Series Bedding Composter system consists of a special separator that dewaters solids down to a specific moisture level. The separated solids are then automatically fed into the special polymeric drum (patent pending), where they are retained for 24-72 hours. During this period, the system's computerized control unit adjusts the temperature, the moisture and the oxygen levels inside the drum automatically. Composting parameters can be monitored and adjusted through the touch-screen control unit with ease.

Soon after the solids start entering the drum, the temperature inside the vessel reaches 63-75°C and stays at that temperature as long as solids input continues. The organic waste is in a way pasteurized under these conditions; getting rid of pathogens and weed seeds.

After the solids exit the composter, they are left to rest and cure for a period of 7-10 days, where they continue their fermentation process at a slower pace. At the end of this process, you get fully stabilized excellent quality compost that no longer generates heat or exhaust gases, ready to be bagged and sold.

No heat or energy is supplied into the system for the fermentation process. The entire system requires less than 15kW of power to run. The nature does the rest of the work!


- Efficient continuous process (not a batch process)
- Unique polymeric drum* for excellent corrosion resistance
- Unique polymeric drum* for excellent durability
- Unique polymeric drum* for excellent heat insulation
- Fixed drum-end provides increased capacity
- 3 different sizes to serve operations of all sizes
- Very simple installation and set-up
- Minimal space requirement
- Touch-screen computerized controls for easy monitoring and adjustment
- Easy transportation in standard 40ft and 20ft containers, which are part of the system

BC50 24 hr Retention Time – Temperature Graphic

BC50 12 hr Retention Time – Temperature Graphic

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